Sunrise chaser

Sunrise chaser


Children performing at My Angels Academy's Annual day celebration

Why do we chase sunrise? Maybe because of the pretty colors it canvases across the sky, or simply because it's marking the beginning of the day. The start of a new page in our lives. There’s a reason sunrise are timeless and constant standbys of poets, writers and romantics — Yes, they’re inspiring. Mahatma Gandhi observed this power when he said, “When I admire the wonders of a sunrise or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” There is something inherently powerful and spiritual in it. The children from 'My Angels Academy'(MAA) are chasing a new dawn in rising. MAA's students start their training early at 3.30 am. they first clean the premises, then they train to focus their mind by the help of yoga and then begin their routine practice. It is phenomenal at this young age being so disciplined and effective at the same time. This approach is one of the many methods that the founder Sylvester Peter had instilled into children over the years. The achievements speaks of itself the young inspired players trash their opponents by huge goal difference resulting many trophies won last year. Speak to any children from the academy they are absolutely certain of their roles in managing the academy such is the efficiency unimaginable even in elite academies. 

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