Dola Mohapatra

Executive Director

Rise Against Hunger India is proud to partner with My Angels Academy (MAA) and support their incredibly impressive transformational work in shaping the character, confidence and personality of children from slums and colonies where everyday living is a struggle. Many children from these areas generally end up being ragpickers, vagrants & drug addicts or get into activities that put them in conflict with the law. Thanks to the personal efforts of Sylvester Peter, and the team members at My Angels Academy, their unique model of using football and sports as a means to build young athletes, sportsmen and leaders have shown tremendous results. When one hears of the challenges and resistance this team faced not only from the society in general but even from parents (Sylvester mentions how he used to coax & request parents to let their children play), it is indeed encouraging to see the work they do. After many children succeeded in playing professional sports, making a successful career and earning recognition from within India and outside, now there is a rush for parents to enroll their kids into the MAA programs and this itself is a testimony to the great work done by the MAA team.
We will continue to support this tremendous transformative work of My Angels Academy in any manner possible but primarily by assuring them quality food packaged by Rise Against Hunger India volunteers. Our best wishes to My Angels Academy as they expand their base and reach thousands of deprived children who are rightfully called ANGELS.