Get football lessons from the team with experience playing in Liverpool & Barcelona.

From the humble field of Vikaspuri to the grand stadiums of Liverpool, Barcelona, and France’s FC Metz, we’ve played on big fields & chased big dreams,

Big fields, bigger dreams, and a football – We have played it all!

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Our program has produced over 300 football players who have gone on to play at both national and international levels.

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Rich or poor, on the field, everyone is equal.

Sport is the only field where you can experience true equality. On the field, only skill matters.

Nothing else!

And every time you hit a goal, you experience this. Yourself.

– Sylvester Peter,
Founder – My Angels Academy

Why choose us?

  • We are a registered club with Football Delhi.

  • Female coaches for girls.

  • Our coaches are AIFF-qualified D and C license holders

  • Well trained coaches
  • Customized roadmap for each player