Welcome to My Angels Academy

More than three decades back, as a young 13 year old boy , Sylvester, founder of MY Angels Academy (MAA) comprehended the true meaning of success and happiness which lies not with one but with all. He embarked on a transformational journey through love and football giving “ANGELS” to us.

As Sylvester affectionately calls his students at my angels academy, “Angels “are the underprivileged children. MAA is a phenomenal story of transforming these children who were rag-pickers, petty thieves, drug addicts and even religious fundamentalists to “angels “of dignity, honesty and respect.

We aspire to have a positive impact on society and to return the underprivileged children their childhood. We also ensure that these two core values/aims are imbibed by each one of our angels(“children under our wings”) i.e. to become “self reliant “ and to become “good and caring human beings”.

Our Work

What ‘Angels’ learn at My Angels Academy?

  • Spending time in nature and caring for environment
  • Karma yoga (seva)
  • Education including Speaking English and computers.
  • Yoga and Aanapana meditation (non sectarian technique)
  • Dance, Theatre, Painting
  • Football (as the emotions on the ground are similar to the real-life situation)
  • Logical discipline with lots of Love and affection.

All these activities help to channelize the energy of these children in a positive direction and real transformation.

Success Stories


Khushi migrated with her family from Bihar to Delhi when she was just a year old when their shop in Bihar was robbed, rendering them penniless. In Delhi, with the aid of their friend, they were able to rent a small room in the slum of Vikaspuri, where they are currently residing.


Tanjeer has been with Sylvester since he was 7 years old. The going wasn’t always easy for Tanjeer and he almost lost track by getting addicted to drugs. He would sit inside the large street-side dustbins and children used to tease him by calling him Kachhra (garbage).


How Can You Help?

Need of the Hour

Recurring expenses per month

  • Rent – 50,000/-
  • Stipend/salary – 2 Lac
  • Residential academy along with football field at Delhi and Odisha

From 8’x10′ shanty in a slum we have produced national players, professional dancers, teachers, coaches, bankers. With football to kick. Kids at Delhi slums started dreaming as their childhood returned ; with the residential academy we aim to help the deprived achieve self reliance and produce international stars for India. Lend a wing to our dream and help MAA secure a place for its own “gurukul” through which it can transform countless lives of underprivileged children.

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