15 February 2023

Good morning! Once again we take this opportunity to update you on the week gone by at My Angels. Learn about our hands-on approach to learning. Get an insight into how our teachers keep track of their students. Read all about the transformation that a tribal youth has undergone at our Academy. How we keep fit with no high-tech equipment. And finally, an appeal to one and all to join our movement.

– Sylvester

Founder’s Message

Teaching that leaves a lasting impression!

Once, I organised a picnic and took my students for a walk under the hot summer sun. The purpose of the outing was to teach them about the significance of trees. As soon as they entered the park, they exclaimed, “Bhaiya! It feels so good!” I asked them why they felt that way and they replied, “It’s because of the trees, Bhaiya.” This practical experience taught my students the importance of trees and afforestation. It will remain with them forever. At My Angels Academy, we believe in learning through hands-on experiences, rather than solely relying on textbooks.

Learning Curve

Empowering young minds

Every day, coaches and teachers review their notes, hold discussions, and help students develop positive habits. For the students at Angels, sharing their achievements and earning recognition is a thrilling experience.

Living Testimony

Transforming Lives: A tribal youth’s journey to success

I hail from the tribal community in Sambalpur, Odisha. I joined My Angels Academy during my school years and with their continuous support, I successfully completed my graduation.

Since joining the academy, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall personality. I used to struggle with speaking confidently, but now I am comfortable expressing my opinions to others.

The academy provided me with a wealth of opportunities to learn, including yoga, meditation, Bharatnatyam, academics, football, crafting, painting, and improving my communication skills. As a result, I am now an academic teacher, art teacher, yoga instructor, and choreographer.

My friend Durga at the academy inspires me to create unique paintings, and I have a passion for playing with colors. I can truly say that My Angels Academy has filled my life with love, care, and happiness. I will always be a staunch supporter of the academy.

An Appeal

Every child’s heart longs to create

Be the Helping Hand they need. Join the movement to empower young artists.

Fit India

Where there is a will…

No gym needed, at My Angels we find alternative solutions.


Currently My Angels academy supports 300+ underprivileged children with items like sports equipments, books, stationery, nutrition, clothes, jerseys, conveyance, medical and other day to day needs. Every month substantial amount is required to carry out these activities.

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