From Vikaspuri ghetto to Madrid’s stadium. Anand had his bit of struggle in his childhood, his family lost their home in the floods of Bihar. They moved to the slums of Vikaspuri, New Delhi in search of better livelihood. Anand’s mother works as a maid in nearby houses and his father works as a carpenter back in their village. Sylvester has a major role in nurturing and guiding them to a better life for Anand. Like along with his peers, he used to wake up at 3:30 am in the morning to practice football at a small ground near their slum, teaching him after schools, Yoga, meditation, giving him national and international exposure like tours to Chennai, Goa, Bengaluru and especially Anand’s remarkable tour to France. He has actively participated in the stunts & plays during My Angels Academy’s Annual Day. Sylvester’s dedication, love, and compassion gave immense confidence to the scared and young and shy Anand. It shows in his academies and constant achievements. Today he is playing for the prestigious Tata Football Academy and is currently training with Atletico Madrid, Spain.