Success Stories


Khushi migrated with her family from Bihar to Delhi when she was just a year old when their shop in Bihar was robbed, rendering them penniless. In Delhi, with the aid of their friend, they were able to rent a small room in the slum of Vikaspuri, where they are currently residing. Unable to understand or discuss the personal issues at her house, compounded by the abuses of her father, Khushi slowly got dragged towards the darker side of the slum environment. Her first visit, as Sylvester recalls, reminds him of an angry, dusty girl unafraid of countering anybody, either physically or verbally. Today, a smiling face and a humble voice are what Khushi greets everyone with. Has she lost all her aggressiveness? It is probably this very aggressiveness which Sylvester has channelized into her dominance with the football and on the pitch. Today Khushi is a budding footballer and plays for professional football club of Royal rangers women’s team.

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