My first encounter with Khushi was as I passed through the shanty’s filthy, narrow lane; suddenly, I saw two little boys running to save themselves. Initially, I thought it would be a street dog chasing them, but a girl covered in mud kicked one of the boys taller than her on the back near the shoulder blade. That boy stumbled and fell; she warned them with several swears and left the place. Surprisingly, I was thrilled to see her kick and fearlessly stand up to older boys, leaving an indelible impression of her determination and grit at 8.

She migrated from Bihar to Delhi with her family when she was just a year old. Their shop in Bihar was robbed, rendering them penniless. In Delhi, with their friend’s aid, they could rent a small room in the slum of Vikaspuri. Khushi slowly got dragged towards the darker side of the slum environment. Today, Khushi’s impact extends far beyond the football field. As a professional footballer representing Delhi and contributing to My Angels Academy, she has embraced diverse roles, from coaching and teaching to culinary arts. Khushi’s transformation from a determined young girl in the slums to a multifaceted individual pursuing her dreams is a powerful example of how determination, passion, and opportunity can pave the way for success against all odds.

– Sylvester (founder)

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