Tanjeer has been with Sylvester since he was 7 years old. The going wasn’t always easy for Tanjeer and he almost lost track by getting addicted to drugs. He would sit inside the large street-side dustbins and children used to tease him by calling him Kachhra (garbage). Through Sylvester’s consistent efforts gradually Tanjeer’s habits started changing. Today, Tanjeer is 23 year old and works as Football coach, training for jail Number 5, Tihar and trains and counsels under trials in the age group of 18/25 years, Angels Football Private training to children, in the age group of 8 to 19 years, maintaining the MAA centre so that it is always hazard-free and toys/books are accessible to the children. “When I started training for Tihar, there was a lot of animosity from the Police officials, however, after two years of regular training the Police officials respect me and I personally also feel very confident and content with the work that I am doing. The inmates are also able to steer away from negative thinking, restrict themselves from bullying or abusing others.They say it is because of my counselling. Some days I feel on top of the world. Personally, I keep updating myself with books/videos and keep listening and following Sylvester Bhaiya’s interviews so that I can also do what he is achieving with his words and actions.