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Every child is unique! Even twins are different in their approach towards a similar situation, so we need to approach every child by understanding their nature, if we compare them to their siblings, the results will be unproductive. To develop healthy eating habits in a child, parents should eat healthy food themselves, discuss the benefits and most importantly learn to cook tasty food. To cite an example, if a mother is a 'specialist' in South Indian dishes only and she is going to prepare rajma chawal she must learn to cook well, and only then should the dish be served to a child. A variety of dishes play a key role in developing children's taste. Whenever I give tender coconut to Inaana, my three-year-old daughter, I always have a sip before giving her, to make sure she has only sweet water. The result is that she wants tender coconut as a matter of habit and not sweetened drinks. Routinely, at least one meal must be had with the entire family, and food to be prepared and served with love. From the very beginning, we have to minimize eating junk food, our personal habits need to be reflected on, but if this habit has been there for a long time, then abruptly we shouldn't stop it. Gradually healthy and – very importantly – tasty food has to be introduced. I would love to know your views too! Eat with love! 

- Sylvester

Another day of fun learning for Angels


Angels enjoyed making puppets and narrating stories using them. It helps them get a better understanding of the characters. It helps them express themselves better to make their communication more effective. We also make them think out of the box by making recycling a central theme. Minimizing wastage is key to saving Mother Earth! At the end of the day, our Angels gifted their puppets to their juniors!

A key skill this activity develops is speaking skills. Angels get more confident by being able to present themselves better. They learn how to listen well, which is as important as being able to speak.

The angels also spent time reading.

In Spotlight: Sanjana


We are introducing Sanjana in our #impactstory series today.

I am Sanjana Oram, popularly known as" Sangeeta." When I joined My Angels Academy, I didn't know what football was. For me, it was just a small game where the struggle between the two teams tended to end with winners and losers. But I was not aware that playing football teaches lessons in life such as teamwork, accountability, self-confidence, responsibility, and self-discipline, and also helps us to achieve the goals of life. Before joining the academy, my profession was plucking flowers. Earning Rs.20 a day, I used to skip school and give lame excuses to my parents. Without any mentor, I was wasting my time on unproductive pursuits.

Fast forward, I got selected for trials for the Odisha state football team (but couldn't get selected in the final round). After that, I went to Delhi to practice under the watchful eyes of Sylvester Bhaiya and got selected in Khelo India. I was not aware of what "Anapana" and " Yoga" were, but I came to know that yoga is an integral part of our lives, and for a sportsperson, it improves mobility and coordination and helps to boost performance.

Had I not met Sylvester Bhaiya, I would not have progressed.

This week’s mood board – being thankful!



Currently My Angels academy supports 300+ underprivileged children with items like sports equipments, books, stationery, nutrition, clothes, jerseys, conveyance, medical and other day to day needs. Every month substantial amount is required to carry out these activities.

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