Welcome to My Angels Academy

More than three decades back, as a young 13 year old boy , Sylvester, founder of MY Angels Academy (MAA) comprehended the true meaning of success and happiness which lies not with one but with all. He embarked on a transformational journey through love and football giving “ANGELS” to us.

As Sylvester affectionately calls his students at my angels academy, “Angels “are the underprivileged children. MAA is a phenomenal story of transforming these children who were rag-pickers, petty thieves, drug addicts and even religious fundamentalists to “angels “of dignity, honesty and respect.

We aspire to have a positive impact on society and to return the underprivileged children their childhood. We also ensure that these two core values/aims are imbibed by each one of our angels(“children under our wings”) i.e. to become “self reliant “ and to become “good and caring human beings”.

Our Work

What ‘Angels’ learn at My Angels Academy?

  • Spending time in nature and caring for environment
  • Karma yoga (seva)
  • Education including Speaking English and computers.
  • Yoga and Aanapana meditation (non sectarian technique)
  • Dance, Theatre, Painting
  • Football (as the emotions on the ground are similar to the real-life situation)
  • Logical discipline with lots of Love and affection.

All these activities help to channelize the energy of these children in a positive direction and real transformation.

Success Stories


From Vikaspuri ghetto to Madrid's stadium. Anand had his bit of struggle in his childhood, his family lost their home in the floods of Bihar. They moved to the slums of Vikaspuri, New Delhi in search of better livelihood.


Amit is the eldest among his four siblings. His mother works as a housemaid and he lost his father long ago. They migrated from Bihar to Delhi more than a decade back in search of a better life.


How Can You Help?

Need of the Hour

Recurring expenses per month

  • Rent – 50,000/-
  • Stipend/salary – 2 Lac
  • Residential academy along with football field at Delhi and Odisha

From 8’x10′ shanty in a slum we have produced national players, professional dancers, teachers, coaches, bankers. With football to kick. Kids at Delhi slums started dreaming as their childhood returned ; with the residential academy we aim to help the deprived achieve self reliance and produce international stars for India. Lend a wing to our dream and help MAA secure a place for its own “gurukul” through which it can transform countless lives of underprivileged children.

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