Khushi migrated with her family from Bihar to Delhi when she was just a year old when their shop in Bihar was robbed, rendering them penniless. In Delhi, with the aid of their friend, they were able to rent a small room in the slum of Vikaspuri, where they are currently residing.



Tanjeer has been with Sylvester since he was 7 years old. The going wasn’t always easy for Tanjeer and he almost lost track by getting addicted to drugs. He would sit inside the large street-side dustbins and children used to tease him by calling him Kachhra (garbage).



“Yes, I used to beg at Vikaspuri signal 18 years back but today I am a cashier with Indian Bank. I would have continued begging on roads had there not been one person, 'Sylvester bhaiya', who changed my life completely.



From Vikaspuri ghetto to Madrid's stadium. Anand had his bit of struggle in his childhood, his family lost their home in the floods of Bihar. They moved to the slums of Vikaspuri, New Delhi in search of better livelihood.



Amit is the eldest among his four siblings. His mother works as a housemaid and he lost his father long ago. They migrated from Bihar to Delhi more than a decade back in search of a better life.

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