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My Angels academy is a trust (Registration no.12110) which works for the underprivileged children. This academy is run in a small rented room bustling with activity in slums of Vikaspuri,New Delhi.It is being run with lot of love and affection by its founder, Sylvester Peter. Sylvester began this journey around 30 years back by transforming these children from rag-pickers, petty thieves, drug addicts and even religious fundamentalists to children of dignity, honesty and respect.


Help us Restoring the dignity of children from slum areas of Delhi

“ How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world.”  Anne frank

We want to restore to an underprivileged  child the opportunity to study, to be nurtured and cared for in a supportive and secure environment and to develop to be all that he/she can be! We want to empower a child to succeed and to break the cycle of poverty to impact generations to come! The physical environments of slums present many challenges to residents, particularly children. As the well-being of children – in terms of health, nutrition, education and protection – is closely connected to the quality of physical living environments and to the delivery of and access to services, children must be central to slum improvement policy. My Angels Academy is run by Sylvester peter with help from friends and family helping 150 children or as he lovingly calls them ‘Angels’ from the slum areas of Vikaspuri, New Delhi achieve their true potential through football and education.


Importance of early childhood development

The emotional, social and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become. That is why understanding the need to invest in very young children is so important, so as to maximize their future well-being. Optimizing the early years of children’s lives is the best investment we can make as a society in ensuring their future success. As an avid sports person and a brilliant student himself, Sylvester used the power of sports especially Football to tap youthful energy and enter hearts of his students. At the Academy children are also familiarized with yoga, meditation and different aspects of life like personal hygiene, environmental protection, sex education, gender equality, education, life skills, dancing, painting, computer education.

Strong Foundations for Gender Equality in Early Childhood Care and Education

We believe that each boy and each girl have the right to early childhood education. Gender equality starts with each girl and each boy having a sense of dignity and self-worth. This goes hand-in-hand with respecting the dignity and worth of other boys and girls. Here is the seed that we collectively as a society  have a responsibility to help nourish in all learners. The fruit of this care will be women and men who are full equal partners in their homes , communities and societies.  They should have a voice and be encouraged to make choices, where possible, on activities, books and games within a framework of balanced learning. No toys or games should be reserved for one sex as this often reinforces stereotypes.


 “My disappointments are never higher than my spirits”

-Sylvester Peter

Credit: EduDoc 2015: Sylvester Bhaiya, Paper Weight Entertainment

My Angels Academy

The aim of My Angels Academy is to transform the lives of the slum children by imparting theoretical, moral and practical lessons



You can share your love with angels by donating books, Desktops/laptops, sports equipment and stationery.

Or you can contribute by Monetary Donations, Bank account of My Angels Academy (registered Trust No 12110), Indian Bank Account Number: 899504822, IFSC Code: IDIB000V084



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We need dedicated and passionate individuals who can come and visit M.A.A and work with these children to teach and empower them for a bright future. You can help them learn formal educational subjects, creative hobby or vocational training.